Neighbourhood Children’s Meetings

Our goal is to cultivate and nurture our next generation through establishing meetings with children and their parents in the homes of people in the community.

Our Goals
  • To help the children to be proper in their character, habits, and behaviour, and become responsible adults and citizens.
  • To encourage the children to be good students in school, and gain the proper education for their future, in order to be useful, productive members of society.
  • To teach the children about God and the Bible.
Our Scope

We cater for primary-aged children from Year 0 to the end of Year 8.

The Neighbourhood Children’s Meetings are to reinforce within children positive traits – such as honesty, kindness and obedience – based on characters in the Bible or other suitable stories. This will help them to grow to be responsible citizens of our society, making each one an asset and a blessing to everyone they contact.

This programme is based on the Bible where we engage with children in the safe and comfortable setting of their own homes and with their parents present.

Each lesson takes approximately 30 minutes and is designed to stimulate and encourage the children through activities such as singing, interactive storytelling and craft.

If you would like more information or would like to set up a children’s meeting in your home, please contact 021 033 7640 or email